ABEL Frena le belle lagrime

ADAMS Short ride in a fast machine

ALBINONI Concertos for one & two oboes from opus 9 [CD recording]

ANDRESEN Mögens, Concerto Grosso (1994)

ANDRIESSEN Louis, Klokken

ANDRIESSEN Louis, Symphony for open strings

ARBAN Le Carnaval de Venise [with Sergei Nakariakov]

ARNE Concerto for Organ in g minor

ARNE Eight Cantatas including ‘The Morning’ [CD recording with Emma Kirkby]

ARNE English Opera Artaxerxes [CD recording]

ARNE Symphony in c minor

ARRIAGA Overture Los esclavos felices

ARRIAGA Symphony in D

ARUTJUNIAN Violin Concerto

ARUTJUNIAN Trumpet Concerto [with Ole Edward Antonsen]

AVISON Concerti Grossi I – XII after Scarlatti Sonatas [CD recording]


BACH CPE Flute Concertos in d minor, A & G Wq 22, 168, 169 [CD recordings with Rachel Brown]

BACH CPE Oboe Concerto in Eb Wq 165 [CD recording with Frank de Bruine]

BACH CPE Organ Concerto in G Wq 34

BACH CPE Symphony in D Wq. 183/1

BACH CPE String Sinfonias in G & C Wq 182/1 & 182/3

BACH J Ch Symphony in D for double orchestra opus 18/3 [with SWR Radio Symphony Stuttgart]

BACH J Ch Overture Endimione

BACH J Ch Quintet in D opus 11/6

BACH J S Alles mit Gott BWV 1127 (recently discovered)

BACH J S Cantata BWV 4 Christ lag in Todesbanden

BACH J S Cantata BWV 11 Lobet Gott (Ascension Oratorio)

BACH J S Cantata BWV 19 Es erhub sich ein Streit

BACH J S Cantata BWV 41 Jesu, nun sei gepreiset

BACH J S Cantata BWV 42 Am abend aber desselbigen Sabbats

BACH J S Cantata BWV 50 Nun ist das Heil

BACH J S Cantata BWV 51 Jauchzet Gott [with Deborah York]

BACH J S Cantata BWV 53 Schlage doch

BACH J S Cantata BWV 54 Widerstehe doch der Sünde [CD recording with Nathalie Stutzmann]

BACH J S Cantata BWV 63 Christen, ätzet diesen Tag

BACH J S Cantata BWV 67 Halt im Gedächtnis

BACH J S Cantata BWV 82 Ich habe genug (alto/oboe) [CD recording with Nathalie Stutzmann]

BACH J S Cantata BWV 82a Ich habe genug (soprano/flute)

BACH J S Cantata BWV 101 Nimm von uns, Herr, du treuer Gott

BACH J S Cantata BWV 110 Unser Mund sei voll Lachens

BACH J S Cantata BWV 130 Herr Gott, dich loben alle wir

BACH J S Cantata BWV 140 Wachet auf

BACH J S Cantata BWV 149 Man singet mit Freuden vom Sieg

BACH J S Cantata BWV 170 Vergnügte Ruh [CD recording with Nathalie Stutzmann]

BACH J S Cantata BWV 174 Ich liebe den Höchsten von ganzem Gemüte

BACH J S Cantata BWV 190 Singet dem Herrn ein neues Lied

BACH J S Cantata BWV 196 Der Herr denket an uns

BACH J S Cantata BWV 199 Mein Herze schwimmt im blut [with Barbara Schlick]

BACH J S Cantata BWV 202 Weichet nur [with Anne Grimm]

BACH J S Cantata BWV 208 Was mir behagt, ist nur die muntre Jagd [CD recording with Emma Kirkby]

BACH J S Cantata BWV 209 Non sa che sia dolore

BACH J S OCantata BWV 210  holder Tag [CD recording with Sophie Karthäuser]

BACH J S Christmas Oratorio BWV 248 (parts 1-6 complete) [CD recording]

BACH J S Easter Oratorio BWV 249

BACH J S Ascension Oratorio BWV 11

BACH J S Magnificat BWV 243

BACH J S Mass in b minor B WV 232 [CD recording]

BACH J S Four Short Masses in F, A, g minor & G BWV 233-236

BACH J S St John Passion BWV 245 (also 1725 version)

BACH J S St Mark Passion [CD recording - new reconstruction by Simon Heighes] BWV 247

BACH J S St Matthew Passion BWV 244

BACH J S / Kuhnau Der Gerechte kommt um

BACH J S Six Brandenburg Concertos BWV 1046-1051 [CD recording]

BACH J S Four Orchestral Suites BWV 1066-1069 [CD recording]

BACH J S Violin Concerto in a minor BWV 1041 [with David Adams]

BACH J S Violin Concerto in E major BWV 1042 [with Kristian Winther]

BACH J S Concerto in d minor for 2 violins BWV 1043

BACH J S Violin Concerto in d BWV 1052 [with Judy Kang and Christian Tetzlaff]

BACH J S Concerto in D for flute, oboe & violin (arr. Goodman from BWV 1064)

BACH J S Viola Concerto in Eb (after BWV 169/49/1053)

BACH J S Concerto in F major BWV 1047a

BACH J S Complete Harpsichord Concertos

BACH J S Sinfonia in D BWV1045 [CD recording with Pavlo Beznosiuk]

BACH J S Sinfonia in F BWV 1071

BACH J S Ricercar a6 (Musical Offering arr. Goodman)

BACH J S Doppel fuga

BACH J S Canzona in d BWV 588

BACH Johann Bernard, Suite in g minor

BACH W F Sinfonia in d minor for two flutes & strings

BADINGS Symphonic Variations (1936)

BARBER Capricorn Concerto

BARBER Knoxville: Summer of 1915 [CD recording with Measha Brüggergosman]

BARBER Serenade for strings opus 1 [CD recording]

BARBER Violin concerto [with Cécile Huijnen]

BARBER Mutations from Bach

BARTOK Concerto for Orchestra

BARTOK Divertimento for strings

BARTOK Rumanische Volkstanze

BAX Tone poem 'Tintagel'

BEATLES Sargent Pepper Suite

BEATLES Medley of HitsI

BEDFORD David, 'Even Now'

BEETHOVEN Complete Symphonies 1-9 [CD recording]

BEETHOVEN Complete Piano Concertos 1-5 [with Melvyn Tan, Peter Jablonski and Ronald Brautigam]

BEETHOVEN Violin Concerto [CD recording with Stephanie Chase, performances with Nils-Erik Sparf,

Ben Hudson, Petra Müllejans, Henning Kraggerud & Lisa Batiashvili]

BEETHOVEN Triple Concerto for violin, cello & piano

BEETHOVEN Opera 'Leonore' (Early version of Fidelio 1806 at Mainz Opera House]

BEETHOVEN Die Geschöpfe des Prometheus op. 43


BEETHOVEN Overtures Consecration of the House, Coriolan, Egmont, Fidelio, Leonora II [CD recording]

BEETHOVEN Overtures Leonora 1 - 3, The Ruins of Athens

BENNETT Richard Rodney, Nocturnes for chamber orchestra

BERG Olav, Clarinet Concerto [with Håkon Vestly]

BERGER Wilhelm, Serenade for Winds op. 102

BERKELEY Lennox, Divertimento

BERLIOZ Symphonie Fantastique

BERLIOZ Harold in Italy [with Francine Schatborn and Isabelle van Keulen]

BERLIOZ Marche funèbre (Hamlet)

BERLIOZ Overture Le Corsaire

BERLIOZ Carnival Romain

BERNSTEIN Serenade after Plato for violin and orchestra [with Ann Akiko Meyers and Stephanie Gonley]

BERWALD Sinfonie Capricieuse [CD recording with Swedish Radio Symphony in Berwald Hall]

BERWALD Sinfonie in E flat [CD recording with Swedish Radio Symphony in Berwald Hall]

BERWALD Sinfonie Serieuse [CD recording with Swedish Radio Symphony in Berwald Hall]

BERWALD Sinfonie Singuliere [CD recording with Swedish Radio Symphony in Berwald Hall]

BERWALD Symphonic Fragment [CD recording - new completion by Duncan Druce]

BERWALD Estrella de Sor ia Overture [CD recordingwith Swedish Radio Symphony in Berwald Hall]

BERWALD Queen of Gocionda Overture [CD recordng with Swedish Radio Symphony in Berwald Hall]

BIBER Sonatae tam aris quam aulis servientes [CD recording]

BIZET Symphony in C

BLOCH Concerto grosso for strings & piano

BLOCH Hebrew Rhapsody Shelomo [with Natalia Gutman]

BLOW Ode on the Death of Purcell [CD recording]

BLOW Venus & Adonis [with Nathalie Paulin & Michael George]

BOCCHERINI Guitar Quintet no. 9 in C [‘La Ritirata di Madrid’]

BOCCHERINI Symphony in d minor opus 12/4 ‘La casa del diavolo’

BOISMORTIER Bassoon Concerto in D opus 26

BOLCOM Overture 'Commedia'

BOND Capel, Complete Concerto grossi I-VI [CD recording]

BOND Capel, Bassoon Concerto [CD recording with Sally Jackson]

BOND Capel, Trumpet Concerto [CD recording with Crispian Steele-Perkins

BORODIN Overture Prince Igor & Polovtsian Dances

BOTTESINI Double Bass Concerto [with Mats Sindenius]

BOYCE Symphony 1 in Bb

BOYCE Symphony 5 in D

BOYCE Serenata SOLOMON [CD recording]

BRAHMS Complete Symphonies 1 - 4

BRAHMS Piano Concerto no. 1 in d minor [with Ronald Brautigam]

BRAHMS Violin Concerto [with Janine Jansen]

BRAHMS Serenade no. 1 for large orchestra

BRAHMS Serenade no. 2 (without violins)

BRAHMS Hungarian Dances 5 & 19

BRAHMS Ave Maria

BRIDGE Opera 'The Christmas Rose' [Regie: Christina Ro at Swedish Northern Opera]

BRIDGE Phantasm for piano & orchestra [with Raija Kerppo]

BRIDGE Chistmas Dance ‘Sir Roger de Coverley’

BRIDGE Three Idylls for string quartet (no. 2) as used by Britten in his Variations

BRITTEN Serenade for tenor, horn & strings [with Paul Agnew]

BRITTEN Les Illubminations [with Manon Feuel, Miranda van Kralingen and John Mark Ainsley]

BRITTEN Nocturne [with Paul Agnew]

BRITTEN Matinées Musicales (after Rossini)

BRITTEN Noye's Fludde

BRITTEN Phaedra [with Catherine Wyn Rogers]

BRITTEN Piano Concerto [with Joanna Macgregor]

BRITTEN Violin Concerto [with Janine Jansen]

BRITTEN Sinfonia da Requiem

BRITTEN Sinfonietta opus 1

BRITTEN Variations on a theme of Frank Bridge

BRITTEN Fanfare for St Edmondsbury

BRUCKNER Symphony 1

BRUCKNER Motet Locus Iste

BUCZYNSKI Lyric XVI for String Orchestra (world première)

BUHR Glenn, Cello Concerto (world première) [with Paul Marleyn]

BYSTRÖM Britta Förvillelser (Trumpet Concerto Delusions 2005)


CANTELOUBE Five Chants d’Auvergne [with Carina Strandberg]

CARWITHEN Concerto for piano & string orchestra

CHADWICK Serenade for strings

CHARPENTIER Te Deum H. 146 [CD recording]

CHAUSSON Symphony in Bb

CHEN YI Concerto for Saxophone Quartet and strings ('Ba Yin') [Raschèr Saxophone Quartet]

CHERUBINI Symphony in D major [CD recording]

CHERUBINI  Overtures Ali Baba,Anacreon, Medea, Concert Overture (1815) [CD recording]

CHERUBINI Revolutionary songs

CHOPIN Piano Concerto no. 1 [CD recording with Christopher Kite & with Marc-André Hamelin]

CHOPIN Piano Concerto no. 2 [with Roland Pöntinen]

CLARKE Jeremiah Ode on the Death of Purcell [CD recording]

COPLAND Clarinet Concerto [with Martin Fröst]

COPLAND Eight poems of Emily Dickinson [CD recording with Measha Brüggergosman]

COPLAND Hoe Down & Corral Nocturne from Rodeo

COPLAND Fanfare for the Common Man

COPLAND Prelude for chamber orchestra

COPLAND Three Latin American sketches

CORBETT William, Concerti Grossi ‘Bizzarie Universali’ [CD recording]

CORELLI Complete Concerti Grossi opus 6 I-XII [CD recording]

CORELLI Trumpet Sonata in D [with Friedemann Immer]

CORELLI / VIVALDI Balanchine Square Dance [at Dutch National Ballet]

CORIGLIANO Suite from the film The Red Violin [with Karl Stobbe]

COUPERIN Pièces de Concert (arr cello & orchestra)

COUPERIN Troisième leçon des tenèbres


DEBUSSY Nocturnes (Nuages and Fetes)

DELALANDE Symphonie des Noels

DELIUS Brigg Fair

DOHNANYI Konzertstück for cello & orchestra [with Raphael Wallfisch]

DOHNANYI Serenade in C for strings (String Trio arr. Sitkovetsky)

DOPPLER Rigoletto Fantasie (arr. Millard) for flute, bassoon & strings

DRAGHI Ode on St Cecilia’s Day (1687)

DUTILLEUX Cello Concerto 'Tout un monde lointain' [with Quirine Viersen]

DUTILLEUX Métaboles for largeorchestra

DVORAK Symphony 6 in D op 60

DVORAK Symphony 7 in d minor op 70

DVORAK Symphony 8 in G op 88

DVORAK Symphony 9 ‘New World’ op 95 [with the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra]

DVORAK Cello Concerto [with Claes Gunnarsson]

DVORAK Piano Concerto [with Michel Dalberto]

DVORAK Serenade for strings op 22

DVORAK Serenade for winds op 44

DVORAK Overture 'Carnival'

DVORAK Overture 'My Home'

DVORAK Notturno for strings op. 40

DVORAK Slavonic Dance op 46/1

DVORAK Czech Suite opus 39

DVORAK Waldesruhe (Silent Woods) op 68/5 for cello & orchestra


EBERL Anton, Symphony in C

ELGAR Symphony 1

ELGAR Enigma Variations

ELGAR Violin Concerto [with David Greed]

ELGAR Cello Concerto

ELGAR Cockaigne Overture

ELGAR Froissart Overture

ELGAR In the South (Alassio)

ELGAR Introduction & Allegro for strings

ELGAR Sea Pictures [with Doreen Walker and Birgitta Svenden]

ELGAR Serenade for strings

ESTACIO John, Such sweet sorrow (world première)


FARINA Capriccio Stravagante

FASCH various concertos & suites

FAURÉ Sicilienne

FERGUSON Howard, Piano Concerto for piano & string orchestra

FIBICH Comedy Overture

FINGER Godfrey, Suite on the Death of Purcell [CD recording]

FINZI Dies natalis [with Catherine Bott and Tracy Dahl]

FISCHER Suite Le Journal du Printemps

FORD Ron, 'Tween II (world première)

FORSSELL Jonas, World Première new opera Trädgården based on life of Carl Linnaeus [Drottningholm]

FRANÇAIX Divertissement for bassoon & strings

FUX Rondeau for violino piccolo, bassoon & strings [CD recording]

FUX Suite from Serenada 1701


GABRIELI Various Canzonas

GADE Symphony 4

GEMINIANI Variations on La Follia (after Corelli op 6/12)

GERSHWIN Rhapsody in Blue [with Sergei Nakariakov]

GERSHWIN Three songs (arranged by Adrian Williams) [CD recording with Measha Brüggergosman]

GERSHWIN / Balanchine Ballet Who Cares? [Dutch National Ballet]


GILBERT & SULLIVAN The Pirates of Penzance

GINASTERA Suite 'Estancia'

GLASER Divertimento II for Orchestra (1979)

GLASS Philip, Concerto for Saxophone Quartet and Orchestra (world première) [CD recording with Raschèr Saxophone Quartet & Swedish Radio Symphony]

GLAZUNOV Violin Concerto in a minor [with Liza Ferschtman]

GLIÈRE Harp Concerto opus 74

GLINKA Ruslan and Ludmilla Overture

GLUCK Orpheus & Eurydice [regie Martha Clarke at English National Opera]

GLUCK Don Juan (Ballet Suite)

GORDON-SMITH Richard, Sea Oratorio ‘Lowlands Away’ [CD recording RLPO Live]

GOSSEC Revolutionary songs

GOUNOD Petite Symphonie for winds

GRAINGER Percy, Works for Wind Orchestra [inc. Netherlands Wind Ensemble]

GRAUN Pompe vane di morte from Rodelinda & Sulle sponde del torbido lete from Artaserse

GRIEG Peer Gynt Suite 1

GRIEG Piano Concerto [with Katia Skanavi, Benjamin Grosvenor and Rian de Waal]

GRIEG Holberg Suite for strings


HAKIM Naji, Concerto no.3 for organ & strings (world première) [with Naji Hakim]

HALL Henry, Ode on the Death of Purcell [CD recording]

HANDEL Complete Concerto Grossi opus 3 I-VI [CD recording]

HANDEL Complete Organ Concertos opus 4 I-VI [CD recording with Paul Nicholson]

HANDEL Complete Concerti Grossi opus 6 I-XII

HANDEL Organ Concertos opus 7 I-VI [with Simon Preston & CD recording with Paul Nicholson]

HANDEL Three Concerti a due cori

HANDEL Music for the Royal Fireworks

HANDEL Water Music complete

HANDEL Agrippina

HANDEL Alcina [regie Jossi Wieler/Sergio Morabito at Stuttgart Staatstheater, Budapest & San Francisco]

HANDEL Amadigi [regie Jean-Louis Martinoty at Karlsruhe Staatstheater]

HANDEL Ezio [regie Daniel Benoit at Karlsruhe Staatstheater]

HANDEL Giulio Cesare [Drottningholm]

HANDEL Orlando [Swedish Northern Opera]

HANDEL Rodelinda [regie David Alden at San Francisco Opera]

HANDEL Scipione [at Karlsruhe Staatstheater]

HANDEL Tamburlaine [regie Philip Prowse at Opera North with Philip Langridge]

HANDEL Tamerlano [regie Jean-Louis Martinoty at Karlsruhe Staatstheater with Adrian Thompson]

HANDEL Opera arias and duets [CD recording with Emma Kirkby and Catherine Bott]

HANDEL/MOZART Acis und Galatea

HANDEL Alceste

HANDEL Alexander’s Feast

HANDEL Apollo e Dafne [CD recording with Olga Pasichnyk & Robert Pomakov]

HANDEL Dixit Dominus

HANDEL Gloria (recently discovered)

HANDEL Israel in Egypt (complete)

HANDEL Judas Maccabeus

HANDEL Messiah (complete) [see Reviews page]


HANDEL Silete venti [CD recording with Olga Pasichnyk & Emma Kirkby]

HANDEL Solomon

HANDEL A Song for St Cecilia's Day

HANDEL Cantata “Delirio Amoroso”

HANDEL Cantata "Crudel tiranno amor"

HANDEL Four Coronation anthems

HANDEL Suite 'The Alchemist' [CD recording]

HANDEL Sonata à 4 opus 5/4

HANDEL Sonata à 5 in Bb for violin (Violin Concerto) [CD recording]

HANDEL Destructive war (Belshazzar)

HANSON Howard Pastorale for oboe, harp & strings

HARGRAVE Bassoon Concerto in B flat

HARRIS Ross Symphony no. 2 for Mezzo-Soprano and Orchestra (Auckland Philharmonia)

HARRISON LOU Concerto for Organ & Percussion Orchestra

HATZIS Christos, Pyrrichean Dances for viola, percussion & strings (world première) [with Rivka Golani]

HAYDN Symphonies 1 – 104 complete [see Reviews page] [inc. 20 CD recordings]

HAYDN Cello Concerto in C [with Natalia Gutman]

HAYDN Cello Concerto in D [with Anssi Karttunen, Marie Hallynck, Roel Dieltiens and Christoph Coin]

HAYDN Trumpet Concerto [with Peter Masseurs, Thomas Hammes and CD recording with Niklas Eklund]

HAYDN Horn Concerto in D [CD recording with Anthony Halstead]

HAYDN Violin Concerto no. 1 in C

HAYDN Harpsichord concerto in D

HAYDN Sinfonia concertante for violin, cello, oboe & bassoon

HAYDN Overture 'Windsor Castle' [CD recording]

HAYDN The Creation / Die Schöpfung

HAYDN Harmoniemesse

HAYDN Berenice che fai

HAYDN Cantilena pro Adventu

HAYDN Seven Last Words (string quartet & orchestral versions)

HAYDN March for the Royal Society

HAYDN Michael, Horn Concerto in D [CD recording with Anthony Halstead]

HEINICHEN Concerto in F (S 235)

HEINICHEN Concerto in G (Dresden)

HELGE Olov, 'Borero' [in Örebro!] for the Swedish Chamber Orchestra (world première)

HELLENDAAL Complete Concerti grossi opus 3 I-VI [CD recording]

HIDMAN Divertimento for brass & percussion (world première)

HIDMAN Surface (world première)

HINDEMITH Ragtime for large orchestra (1921)

HISCOTT Jim Concerto for cello & strings (world première) [with Paul Marleyn]


HOLLOWAY Robin, Inquietus

HOLST The Planets Suite [CD Abbey Road recording with the New Queen's Hall Orchestra]

HOLST St Paul's Suite [CD Abbey Road recording with the New Queen's Hall Orchestra]

HOROVITZ Joseph, Horroratorio

HUI Melissa, In the breath of night (world première)

HUMMEL Trumpet Concerto (in both E and Eb) [with John Wallace and CD recording with Niklas Eklund]


IVES Three Places in New England [Symphony in 3 movements]


JACOB Gordon, Suite for Tuba & strings

JANACEK Sinfonietta [CD tapes with Holland Symfonia]

JANACEK Taras Bulba [CD tapes with Holland Symfonia]

JANACEK Idyll for strings [CD tapes with Holland Symfonia]

JANACEK Suite for orchestra op 3

JANACEK Adagio for orchestra (1891)

JETHS Willem, Cello Concerto Falsa/Ficta (1999) [CD recording with Frances-Marie Uitti]

JETHS Willem, Ombre Cinesi (world première)

JEVERUD Pastoral for Orchestra (world première)

JOACHIM Overture Hamlet

JOMELLI Chaconne for orchestra


KERNIS Musica Celestis (1991) for strings

KEURIS Concerto for Saxophone Quartet [with Raschèr Saxophone Quartet]


KIRNBERGER Symphony in D for two horns & strings

KLOSE & LUKESCH Violetta-tango

KODÁLY Háry János Suite

KOPROWSKI Divertimento for strings

KRAFT Cello concerto in C [with Christoph Coin]

KRAUS Symphony in c minor (VB 142)


LALO Cello Concerto in d minor [with Jian Wang]

LALO Fantaisie Norwégienne

LARSSON Three Orchestral Pieces (1960)

LARSSON Concertino for Horn

LEANDROS Tango d'amor [with Karita Mattila]

LEBRUN Oboe Concertos 4 in Bb [with Bart Schneemann] and in C [with Frank de Bruine]

LECLAIR Viol in Concerto ina minor opus 7/5

LEIFS Elegy for strings


LIGETI Ramifications

LIGETI/Wheeldon Continuum

LISZT Malediction for piano & strings (S121) [with Michel Dalberto]

LOCKE Suite The Tempest

LOEWE I could have danced all night [with Karita Mattila]

LUEDEKE In this world (world premiere)

LULLY Les Démons (Alceste)

LULLY Marche des Turcs (Bourgeois Gentilhomme)

LUNDQUIST Symphony 9 (world première - dedicated to Roy Goodman)


MACKEBEN Nicht nur aus Liebe weinen [with Karita Mattila]

MAHLER Symphony 1 'Titan'

MAHLER Adagietto from Symphony 5

MARAIS Le Tableau de l’Operation de la Taille

MARAIS Suite from Alcione

MARTIN Frank, Ballade for flute

MARTIN Frank, Concerto for 7 winds & strings

MARTINU Double Concerto for two string orchestras, piano & timpani [with Joanna Macgregor]

MAW Sonata for strings & 2 horns

MAXWELL DAVIES Ojai Festival Overture

MAXWELL DAVIES Concerto for Orchestra (Strathclyde Concerto 10)

McCABE John, Red Leaves

MÉHUL Revolutionary songs

MENDELSSOHN Symphony 1 in c minor

MENDELSSOHN Symphony 3 'Scottish' [CD recording]

MENDELSSOHN Symphony 4 ‘Italian’ [CD recording]

MENDELSSOHN Symphony 5 ‘Reformation’

MENDELSSOHN Complete Symphonies for strings I-XIII [CD recording]

MENDELSSOHN Piano Concerto 1 in g minor [CD recording with Christopher Kite]

MENDELSSOHN Violin Concerto in e minor [CD recording with Ben Hudson, performances with Viviane Hagner, Lara St. John and Hilary Hahn]

MENDELSSOHN A Midsummer Night's Dream [also as Ballet at Dutch National Ballet]

MENDELSSOHN Capriccio Brilliant for piano [with Leslie Howard]

MENDELSSOHN Overture Hebrides & Ruy Blas [CD recording]

MENDELSSOHN Calm Sea and Prosperous Voyage [CD recording]

MESSIAEN L'Ascension: Quatre Méditations symphoniques pour orchestre

MONTEVERDI Sacred Vocal Music

MONTEVERDI Vespers (1610)

MORGAN Ode on the Death of Purcell [CD recording]

MOSOLOV The Steel Factory

MOZART Leopold, 'Toy' Symphony [CD recording]

MOZART Symphony 1 in Eb K16 (edition Goodman)

MOZART Symphony 17 in G K129

MOZART Symphony 21 in A K134

MOZART Symphony 25 in g K183

MOZART Symphony 29 in A K201

MOZART Symphony 31 'Paris' in D K297

MOZART Symphony 33 in Bb K319

MOZART Symphony 34 in C K338

MOZART Symphony 35 'Haffner' in D K385

MOZART Symphony 36 'Linzer' in C K425

MOZART Symphony 38 'Prague' in D K504 [DVD with Prague Chamber Orchestra]

MOZART Symphony 39 in Eb K543

MOZART Symphony 40 in g K550 (versions with & without clarinets [CD recording]

MOZART Symphony 41 Jupiter' in C K551 [CD recording]

MOZART Violin Concertos 1-5 [Stephanie Chase, Jan Bjøranger, Isabelle van Keulen & Petra Müllejans]

MOZART Clarinet Concerto (+ basset versions) [Colin Lawson, Nicholas Cox, Martin Fröst, Michael Collins]

MOZART Horn Concertos (complete) [CD recordings with Anthony Halstead & Herman Jeurissen]

MOZART Oboe Concerto K.314 [with Bart Schneemann and François Leleux)

MOZART Bassoon Concerto K191 [with Charles Ullery and George Zukerman]

MOZART Flute Concertos

MOZART Concerto for flute & harp [with Jacques Zoon & Charlotte Sprenkels]

MOZART Sinfonia concertante for violin & viola K364 [Stephanie Chase & Roger Chase,

Thomas Zehetmair & Ruth Killius]

MOZART Sinfonia concertante for winds K297b

MOZART Piano Concerto 9 in Eb K271 'Jenamy' [with Karolinka de Bree]

MOZAnRT Piao Concerto 12 in A K414

MOZART Piano Concerto 17 in G K453 [with Robert van der Vorst]

MOZART Piano Concerto 20 in d K466 [with Markus Schirmer]

MOZART Piano Concerto 21 in C K467 [with Markus Schirmer]

MOZART Piano Concerto 22 in Eb K482 [with Angela Hewitt]

MOZART Piano Concerto 23 in A K488 [with Melvyn Tan and Angela Hewitt]

MOZART Piano Concerto 24 in c minor K491 [with Albert Nosè]

MOZART Piano Concerto 26 in D K537 ‘Coronation’ [with Melvyn Tan]

MOZART Piano Concerto 27 in Bb K595 [with Alexej Lubimov]

MOZART/HANDEL Acis und Galatea

MOZART Don Giovanni [regie Roman Terleckyj at Opera Northern Ireland - also see Rob Zuidam arranged/metamorphed as modern ballet for Netherlands National Ballet]

MOZART La Clemenza di Tito [regie Pierre Constant at Flanders Opera with Keith Lewis]

MOZART Le Nozze di Figaro (regie John Copley at San Francisco Opera with Peter Mattei & Ruth Ann Swenson, also regie Nigel Lowery at Stuttgart Opera and regie Tuomas Parkkinen at Tampere Opera Finland]

MOZART Requiem (several versions) [CD recording with Gundula Janowitz]

MOZART Mass in c minor K.427

MOZART Coronation Mass K317

MOZART Vesperae solennes de confessore K339

MOZART Exsultate jubilate [with Olga Pasichnyk, Emma Kirkby and Sally Matthews]

MOZART Ave Verum K618

MOZART Bella mia fiamma, addio

MOZART Eine kleine Nachtmusik [CD recording]

MOZART eAdagio & Fugu in c minor K546

MOZART Andante for Flute in C

MOZART 6 German Dances K509

MOZART Divertimenti for strings K136-138

MOZART Divertimento Ein Musicalisches Spass

MOZART Divertimento F Major K 236

MOZART Eine kleine Nachtmusik

MOZART Gran Partita

MOZART Il Rè Pastore: Overture, Intendo amico rio & L'amero

MOZART Impressario Overture

MOZART Idomeneo Overture & Ballet

MOZART Die Zauberflöte Overture

MOZART Serenata notturna [CD recording]

MUFFAT Armonico Tributo Sonatas complete [CD recording]

MUFFAT Suites from Florilegium Primum

MUSGRAVE Thea, Rainbow

MUSGRAVE Thea, Night Music

MUSGRAVE Thea, Festival Overture

MYSLIVECEK Violin Concerto 4 in B flat [CD recording with Elizabeth Wallfisch]


NELSON Daniel, Clarinet Concerto [with Niklas Andersson]

NERUDA Trumpet Concerto [CD recording with Niklas Eklund]

NILSSON Anders, Concerto for Saxophone Quartet [with Raschèr Saxophone Quartet]

NYMAN Michael, A Watery Death & The Draughtman's Contract (excerpts)


ONNA Peter van, The Gothic Arch (world première)

ORFF Carl  Carmina Burana (Auckland Philharmonia)


PACHELBEL Kanon & Gigue for three violins [CD recording]

PAGANINI I Palpiti [with Mario Hasson]

PAGANINI Violin Concerto 2 La Campanella [with Mario Hasson and also Gottfried von der Goltz]

PÁLSSON Páll, Südlicht for piano, cello & orchestra (world première)[with Markus Schirmer & Danjulo Ishizaka]

PÄRT Arvo, Festina Lente

PÄRT Arvo, Fratres for violin & strings [with Judy Kang]

PERGOLESI Cantata Orfeo [with Simona Houda-Saturova]

PERGOLESI Stabat Mater [CD recordingCD recording with Nathalie Stutzmann & Elizabeth Norberg-Schulz]

PERGOLESI Salve Regina [CD recording with Nathalie Stutzmann]

PETERSEN-BERGER Romance for violin

PLA Oboe Concerto in B flat

POULENC Sinfonietta

PROKOFIEV Violin Concerto no. 2 in g minor [with Josef Spacek]

PROKOFIEV Classical Symphony

PROKOFIEV Symphony 5

PROKOFIEV Romeo and Juliet (Suite)

PROKOFIEV Scythian Suite (Ala et Lolla)

PROKOFIEV March from Three Oranges

PURCELL Complete Music for the Theatre [CD recording]

PURCELL Dido & Aeneas [with Nathalie Paulin & Michael George]

PURCELL Suite Abdelazar [CD recording]

PURCELL Suite from Dioclesian [CD recording]

PURCELL Suite King Arthur [CD recording]

PURCELL Suite The Fairy Queen [CD recording]

PURCELL Suite The Indian Queen [CD recording]

PURCELL My heart is inditing


QUANTZ Concerto à 10 in G (Dresden)

QUANTZ Flute Concertos in A, b minor, c minor, G & g minor [CD recordings with Rachel Brown]

QUANTZ Flute Concerto in G (Potsdam)

QUEEN Bohemian Rhapsody



RACHMANINOV Paganini Variations [with Peter Jablonski]

RAGNARSSON Organ Concerto (world première) [with Höròur Áskelsson]

RAMEAU Pigmalion (complete Acte de Ballet) [CD recording]

RAMEAU Suite from Dardanus (and excerpts from the opera) [CD recording]

RAMEAU Suite from Les Indes Galantes

RAMEAU Suite from Platée [CD recording]

RAMEAU Suite from Les Boréades

RAMEAU Ouverture Naïs

RAUM Elizabeth, Phantom Drum for oboe, percussion & strings (world première)

RAUTAVAARA A Requiem in Our Time (for Brass)

RAUTAVAARA Lintukoto (Isle of Bliss 1995)

RAVEL Piano Concerto in G major [with Peter Jablonski and Peter Donohoe]

RAVEL Piano Concerto for piano left hand [with Jan Wijn]

RAVEL La Valse [at Dutch National Ballet]

RAVEL Valses nobles et sentimentales [at Dutch National Ballet]

REBEL Les caractères de la danse [CD recording]

REBEL Suite Les Elémens

REGER Suite in Old Style

RESPIGHI The Pines of Rome


RIMSKY KORSAKOV Symphony 2 ’Antar’

RIMSKY KORSAKOV Hummelflug [with Andrei Nakariakov]

ROBINOVITCH Puulick (world première)

ROLFE James, Songs by Walt Whitman (world première of orchestral version) [with Rosemary Vanderhooft]

ROLLING STONES Stoned Orchestral Suite

ROSSEM van, Orchestral Suite 2001 (world première)

ROSSINI Cruda sorte! Amor tiranno (L'Italiana in Algeri)

ROSSINI Oh patria...di tanti palpiti (Tancredi)

ROSSINI Il Barbiere di Siviglia: Overture & Una voce poco fa [with Johannette Zomer]

ROSSINI Introduction & Variations for Clarinet and orchestra [with Frank van der Brink]

ROSSINI Overtures La Scala di Seta/L’Italiana in Algeri’/Il barbiere di Sivigla/La gazza ladra/Semiramide/Le Siege de Corinth/Guillaume Tell, Il signor Bruschino [CD recording]

ROSSINI String Sonata III in C

ROTA Nino, Concerto for strings

ROTA Nino, Piano Concerto in e Piccolo mondo antico [with Giorgia Tomassi]

RUBENSON Drapa Overture (world première) [CD recording]

RUBENSON Symphonic Intermezzo (world première) [CD recording]

RUBENSON Trois pièces symphoniques (world première) [CD recording]

RUBENSON Symphony (world première) [CD recording]

RYAN Jeffrey, Vesica Piscis for strings (world première)


SAINT-SAËNS Symphony no. 3 (Organ)

SAINT-SAËNS Piano Concerto 5 [with Aldo Ciccolini]

SALIERI Concerto in C for flute and oboe

SAMMARTINI Recorder Concerto in F

SATIE Relâche

SCARLATTI Alessandro, Christmas Cantata [with Catherine Bott, Mona Julsrud and Tracy Dahl]

SCARLATTI Alessandro, St. Cecilia Mass

SCARLATTI Alessandro, Cantata Su le sponde del tebro’

SCHMELZER Fechtschule

SCHMIDT Franz, Symphonyno. 4 in C major

SCHMIDT Heather, Concerto for Piano & strings (world première) [with Heather Schmidt]

SCHNITTKE Piano Concerto [with Boris Berman]

SCHNITTKE Symphony 1 (1st mvt)

SCHOENBERG Chamber Symphony no. 1

SCHOENBERG Chamber Symphony no. 2

SCHREKER Franz, Chamber Symphony

SCHUBERT Complete Symphonies 1 - 9 [CD recording]

SCHUBERT Mass in E flat major

SCHUBERT Overture & complete incidental music ‘Alfonso und Estrella’ (D732) [CD recording]

SCHUBERT Overture in C 'In the Italian style' [CD recording]

SCHUBERT Overture Die Zauberharfe (D644) [CD recording]

SCHUBERT Overture in D (D556)

SCHUBERT Incidental music to Rosamunde (D797) [CD recording]

SCHUBERT Rondo in A major for violin [CD recording with Elizabeth Wallfisch]

SCHUBERT / LISZT Wandererfantasie for piano & orchestra (S366) [with Michel Dalberto]

SCHUBERT / WEBERN Deutsche Tänze

SCHUMAN WIlliam, Symphony 5 for strings

SCHUMANN Complete Symphonies 1 – 4 (see Reviews page) [CD recording]

SCHUMANN Symphony 4 (early version 1841) [CD recording]

SCHUMANN Overture, Scherzo & Finale op 52 [CD recording]

SCHUMANN Piano Concerto in a minor [with Benjamin Frith, Hans Leygraf and Ronald Brautigam]

SCHUMANN Introduction & Allegro in G for piano & orchestra op 92 [with Ronald Brautigam]

SCHUMANN Violin Concerto [with John Storgårds]

SCHUMANN Cello Concerto [with Janne Virkkala and Jian Wang]

SCHUMANN Konzertstuck for four horns

SCHUMANN Overtures Manfred & Julius Caesar

SCOTT David, 'Brink' - Viola Concerto (world première) [with Dan Scholz]

SCRIABIN Piano Concerto

SHOSTAKOVICH Symphony 10 [with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic]

SHOSTAKOVICH Cello Concerto no. 1 [with Yuri Hooker and Colin Carr]

SHOSTAKOVICH Cello concerto no. 2 [with Boris Pergamenschikov]

SHOSTAKOVICH Festival Overture


SIBELIUS Symphony 2 [with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic]

SIBELIUS Violin Concerto [with Danbi Um]

SIBELIUS King Christian II Suite

SIBELIUS Karelia Suite

SIBELIUS Cantique and Devotion [with Anssi Karttunen]

SIBELIUS Am Meer [Pelleas & Melisande]

SMETANA 3 Dances from the Bartered Bride

SMETANA Die Moldau

SÖDERMAN Various Symphonic Orchestral works (all world premières) [CD recording]

SÖDERMAN Swedish Festival Overture [CD recording]

SOUTHAM Ann, Music for strings (world première)

SPEEDY J, Handel with Care

SPIEGEL Fritz, Eine kleine Beatlemusik

SPOHR Clarinet Concerto no. 1 [CD recording with Colin Lawson]

SPOHR Violin Concerto no. 8 in a minor ('in modo di scena cantante') [CD recording with Elizabeth Wallfisch]

STANLEY Complete Concerti grossi opus 2 [CD recording]

STENHAMMAR Serenade for large orchestra op. 31

STRADELLA Sinfonia in D

STRAUSS Johann, Various Waltzes etc

STRAUSS Richard, Symphonic Fantasy 'Aus Italien'

STRAUSS Richard, Festive Overture

STRAUSS Richard, Metamorphosen

STRAUSS Richard, Serenade for winds opus 7

STRAUSS Richard, Symphony for Winds 'Fröhliche Werkstatt'

STRAVINSKY Ballet 'Agon' [at Dutch National Ballet - see Reviews page]

STRAVINSKY Concerto in D for strings

STRAVINSKY Danses Concertantes

STRAVINSKY Divertimento (Ballet Suite) Le Baiser de la Fée

STRAVINSKY Fireworks opus 4

STRAVINSKY Jeu de cartes

STRAVINSKY Suite Pulcinella

STRAVINSKY Apollon Musagète

STRAVINSKY Variations on JS Bach's 'Vom Himmel hoch'

SUK Meditation on St Wenceslas (for strings)

SZWED Katarzyna, High tides and blossomings (world première)


TAKEMITSU Music of Training and Rest (from José Torres), Death and Resurrection (from Black Rain), Waltz (from The Face of Another)

TAKEMITSU Requiem for strings

TAVENER John, Supernatural Songs [with Andrew Watts]

TAVENER John, 'Svyati' [with Josephine Knight]

TCHAIKOVSKY Violin Concerto [with Akiko Suwanai & Yoo Jin Jang]

TCHAIKOVSKY Sleeping Beauty


TCHAIKOVSKY Capriccio Italien

TCHAIKOVSKY Romeo & Juliet

TCHAIKOVSKY Souvenir de Florence (arr. string orchestra)

TCHAIKOVSKY Suite 3 op. 55 Tema con variazione [at Dutch National Ballet]

TCHAIKOVSKY Serenade for strings

TELEMANN Concert Suite in F [with Christian Tetzlaff]

TELEMANN Concerto for 3 oboes in Bb

TELEMANN Concerto in B flat (Dresden)

TELEMANN Concerto in B flat for 2 recorders & 2 oboes

TELEMANN Concerto in D for trumpet and two oboes

TELEMANN Concerto in e for flute & recorder

TELEMANN Concerto in F for three violins

TELEMANN Darmstadt Ouverture in C

TELEMANN Darmstadt Ouverture in D

TELEMANN Imitation des caractères de la danse

TELEMANN Oboe Concerto in d minor

TELEMANN Overture & Suite for recorder in a minor [CD recording]

TELEMANN Polish Concerto in Bb

TELEMANN Suite Don Quichotte

TELEMANN Tafelmusik complete I/II/III

TELEMANN Tragic/comic suite in D for 3 trumpets [with Friedemann Immer]

TELEMANN Trumpet Concerto in D [with Ole Edward Antonsen]

TELEMANN Viola Concerto in G major [with Karlheinz Steeb]

TELEMANN Wassermusik

TELEMANN Concertos for 4 violins

THORP Bill, Mozart & Rossini tributes

TIPPETT Concerto for double string orchestra

TIPPETT Fantasia Concertante on themes of Corelli

TIPPETT Sellinger's Round

TIPPETT Five Spirituals from A Child of our Time

TOMASINI / SCARLATTI The good humoured ladies

TORELLI Trumpet Concerto in D [with Tine Thing Helseth]

TORKE Michael, Pentecost for soprano, organ & strings [with Valdine Anderson]


VASKS Cantabile for strings

VASKS Musica Dolorosa

VAUGHAN WILLIAMS Symphony 2 A London Symphony

VAUGHAN WILLIAMS Aristophanic Suite The Wasps

VAUGHAN WILLIAMS Cantata In Windsor Forest

VAUGHAN WILLIAMS Cantata Sun, Moon, Stars and Man

VAUGHAN WILLIAMS Five variants on Dives and Lazarus

VAUGHAN WILLIAMS Serenade to Music

VAUGHAN WILLIAMS The Lark ascending [with Robert Gibb, Stephanie Gonley and Hilary Hahn]

VEJVANOVSKY Sonata Natalis

VERBEY Notturno for oboe, two horns & strings

VERDI O don fatale, o don crudel (Don Carlo) [with Corrine Romijn]

VERDI String Quartet in e (arr. string orchestra)

VERHULST Symphony in E minor [opus 46]

VERHULST Overture Gijsbrecht van Aemstel [opus 3]

VILLA LOBOS Suite for strings

VILLA LOBOS Folk Songs [inc. Xango and Cinque Chansons Brésilennes]

VILLA LOBOS Bachianas Brazilieras [various including nos. 1 & 5]

VINCI Risveglia lo sdegnoI (Alessandro)

VIOTTI Violin Concerto no. 22 in a minor [CD recording with Elizabeth Wallfisch]

VIVALDI The Four Seasons opus 8 1-4 [with Chloe Hanslip, Stephanie Gonley, Segej Krylov & So-Ock Kim]

VIVALDI Compete Concerti L’Estro Armonico opus 3

VIVALDI Concerto for strings in C RV114

VIVALDI Concerto for two horns in F (RV 569)

VIVALDI Oboe Concerto in a RV463

VIVALDI Concerto in d for 2 Oboes

VIVALDI Concrto in F for 2 oboes, bassoon

VIVALDI Concerto in g minor (Dresden)

VIVALDI Concerto in C 'S. Lorenzo' RV 556

VIVALDI Sopranino Concerto in C RV444

VIVALDI Concerto in G RV 577

VIVALDI Gloria RV589

VIVALDI La Tempesta

VIVALDI Mandolin Concerto in C RV 425

VIVALDI Beatus vir for double chorus & orchestra RV597

VIVALDI Magnificat in g minor RV610a

VIVALDI Motet “In furore iustissimae irae”

VIVALDI Introduzioni Cur sagittas RV 637 & Ostro picta RV 642

VIVALDI Opera Arias and Sinfonias [CD recording with Emma Kirkby]

VIVALDI Sinfonia for strings in g RV153

VIVALDI Violin Concerto in A (RV 353)

VIVALDI / CORELLI Balanchine Square Dance [at Dutch National Ballet]

VORISEK Symphony in D

VRIES de, Antagonistische Ode

VRIES de, Violin Concerto


WAGEMANS Concertino for Saxophone Quartet [with Raschèr Saxophone Quartet]

WAGEMANS Open Up! (world première)

WAGNER Overture Die Meistersinger

WAGNER Siegfried Idyll

WAGNER Tannhäuser Overture & Bacchanale

WALTERS Gareth, Divertimento for strings [CD recording]

WALTON Symphony 1

WALTON 'Spitfire' Prelude & Fugue

WALTON 2 pieces from Henry V [CD recording]

WALTON Sonata for strings (arr. Walton from String Quartet) [CD recording]

WARLOCK Serenade for strings [CD recording]

WASSENAER Comlete Concerti Armonici [CD recording]

WEBBER Lloyd, Memory & Don't cry for me Argentina [with Karita Mattila]

WEBER Symphonies nos. 1 & 2 [CD recording]

WEBER Clarinet Concertos nos. 1 & 2 [CD recordings with with Colin Lawson and Anthony Pay]

WEBER Clarinet Concertino [CD recording with Colin Lawson]

WEBER Horn Concertino [CD recording with Anthony Halstead]

WEBER Konzertstuck in f minor for Piano [CD recording with Christopher Kite]

WEBER Invitation to the Dance (orch. Berlioz) [CD recording]

WEBER Overtures Euryanthe, Oberon, Der Freischutz, The Ruler of the Spirits, Abu Hassan, Peter Schmoll

WEBER F.D. Variations in F for trumpet [CD recording with Niklas Eklund]

WEBERN Anton, Concerto opus 24

WEBERN Anton, Passacaglia opus 1

WEBERN Anton, Im Sommerwind

WEBERN / BACH Ricercare (Musical Offering)

WEILL Kurt, Symphony 2

WILLERT Karisma & Karisma III (world premières)

WILLIAMS Adrian, arrangements of themes from Schindler’s List, Tous les matins du monde & Titanic

WILLIAMS Adrian, Sea shanties, Titantic, Japanese Fantasy

WILLIAMS Grace, Sea sketches [CD recording]

WILLIAMS Harry Potter theme

WILLIAMS March from Raiders of the Lost Ark

WIREN Dag, Serenade for strings

WOLF Italian Serenade (both versions for strings & for chamber orchestra)


ZELENKA Simphonia à 8 concertanti in a minor (ZWV 189)

ZIPORYN Tsmindao Ghmereto

ZUIDAM Rob, New Ballet based on MOZART Don Giovanni (world première

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